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Recycle and SAVE Program

We believe in doing our part in helping the environment, no matter how small that gesture may be, which is why our products are all environmentally friendly and our packaging is recyclable. 

When you purchase Ladybūd Bälms, Body Butter, Blush or Oils, we ask that you save the empty containers. On the 6th order you place, we will send you a return box. Place your empty containers inside and send them back to us. 

As a thank you for recycling, we will send you one free product , equal to your 6th order.

Example: You've just place your 6th purchased jar of Lavender Bālm, We will send your 6th ordered item to you, along with a return labeled box. Once we have received your  5 empty used jars, we will send you a free Bälm of your choice.


*Blush powder puffs are not to be returned, (you keep that) Send only the containers.

*Soap purchases are excluded from this recycling program.

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