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Pat & Barbara Dempsey

Our Journey's Beginning

In November 2016, my husband experienced a severe ankle injury caused by an 84mph golf club impact, while I tripped over a broom and fractured my kneecap.

Both of us faced months of pain and limited mobility. My husband needed weekly wound care for a whole year, and I dealt with the slow healing of my bone. Even after two years, the bone hadn't fused, leading to its replacement. However, during that initial year, we explored the market for natural remedies that were entirely chemical and preservative-free but couldn't find any.


For almost two years, alongside a family member, we committed ourselves to developing a balm that is free from chemicals and poses no risk of causing cancer. And we achieved it!


The balm worked wonders on my knee, providing relief from pain and reducing swelling. The results amazed me, although I remained cautiously optimistic. We shared the balm with friends, who also experienced overwhelmingly positive outcomes. One person even used it to treat their foot corns. Additionally, we provided Ladybūd Balm to my senior dance students, ranging in age from 63 to 85, and they too found great relief.

Encouraged by the balm's success, I decided to broaden our product range. This expansion included botanical lip balms, natural body butter, blush, and soap, all of which are devoid of harmful chemicals and gentle on the skin. I made sure that even my 6-year-old niece could safely use them.

At Ladybūd, every product is entirely free from chemicals and contains organic hemp seed oil. This oil is rich in omega acids 3, 6, and 9, which aid in repairing the skin barrier and forming a protective seal to retain moisture.

Don't let age define your beauty & well-being journey. Embrace the transformative potential of Ladybūd and experience skincare tailored to your unique needs. Unlock the radiance that lies within and discover a newfound confidence in your skin.


Try Ladybūd products today and embark on a path of timeless beauty and self-care.

You deserve it.

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